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As an artist, you may have been advised to seize every opportunity that comes your way.Go to this gallery, join this fair, show up at this event.You may have chance to catch an opportunity. In reality, it is more important to say NO to some things rather than saying YES to everything;

Stop saying "not enough"; I don't have enough time, enough money, enough education, enough skills ... the list goes on and on.These are all signs of fear of inadequacy, and when you build self-confidence, they will all fly away.

Stop comparing yourself ; You should definitely stop comparing yourself to others.There will be more successful artists who have been in the business for many years than you, as well as less successful new artists. You are neither more unsuccessful than someone, nor more successful than another.The only person you will compare with should be yourself. Is there any positive progress between your works from three years ago and your current works? Then you are a successful emerging artist.

To stop procrastinating; You have to come out and show yourself. In other words, you should work in your studio and practice your art. Any artistic idea you have in mind but not realized will not make you visible. Therefore, my family needs me, I have to go shopping, there are other things to do, let me watch this TV series. Be aware that these are excuses for postponements . Procrastination is fear not of failure, but of being successful.. Knowing that your life will not be the same when you are successful, the subconscious will circulate all the distractors in your mind to keep you in your comfort zone. Stop listening to it.

Stop working constantly; An artist needs a lot of leisure time and time only dedicated for him/herself. During these times, you should pay attention to your own body, food, sports, in other words your wellbeing. Even if you're not doing anything, walking for an hour will align you with your creative channel again. For your mental health, it will be good to meditate and meet with a few loved friends, family members or colleagues. In short, you have to balance work and rest well and develop a discipline according to yourself.

Stop listening to what others say.“When will you have a real job? Are you making money from this? Can you find a more prestigious job? Artists are creep, etc" .Trying to adapt to such toxic relationships is the biggest obstacle to being a good artist.The priority is to get the courage to stop being someone else and be yourself and show yourself.

Ahsen Küçükçalık



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