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21 JANUARY 2023

11.00 - 13.00



Being afraid to make mistakes so not even trying ?

Overworking a painting ?

Making an illusion too complicated - not all details are necessary ?

Lack of inspiration ?

Not knowing where to start with a reference photo ?

Trying to over control their watercolors ?

You strive to develop your artistic voice ?

Suluboya Portre Dersi



This watercolor workshop aims to bring students closer to watercolor both technically and emotionally and encourages them to reveal their inner creative powers.

​ ​

It on creating realistic paintings with basic techniques, principles and aesthetics of figure and portrait in the fluid, transparent and luminous world of watercolor, it is aimed to enter the fascinating world of the water element, which is as destructive as its naivety.

​ ​

Participants will learn basic concepts that push the boundaries of realism and range from the importance of manipulating the viewer's perception to using the selection, style and technique of reference images that are more than the sum of the parts of the final painting. Participants will also explore the relationship between realism and abstraction and learn the importance of both in creating interesting and engaging paintings.

​ ​


Starting from the basics (material information, wet on wet, wet on dry, etc.), theoretical and practical information will given during the workshop, Ahsen Küçükçalik will make the same painting with the group and help the participants to create the finished works of art by  applying what they watch. In order to speed up the process, the artist will draw and bring the figure to be worked on. Participants who want to draw and bring their own papers, the reference photo will be sent via e-mail in advance. A meditation practice will be performed in the process to help participants connect and focus on their inner mastery.

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Participants are encouraged to pose questions and bring sketches, finished works, and their own materials for individual criticism and evaluation.

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490 TL/person for the workshops within ISTANBUL 

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English and Turkish

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The materials will be supplied by the organizer to the participants to be used during the workshop. But for the participants who would like to bring their own materials see below list.

1) 1 sheet of 300gr Hot pressed and 1 sheet of Cold pressed  watercolor paper  (min. 23*31cm)

2) Watercolors, minimum 4 colors ( black, cadmium blue , cadmium red, cadmium Yellow

3) Minimum 2 watercolor brushes (1 between 8-10 numbers, 1 between 3-4 numbers).

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1) Click the REGISTER button. 

2) Fill in the form on the screen, make secure credit card payment and finish your registration. 

3) Those who do not want to pay by credit card can make money transfer/EFT to the account below.

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IBAN : TR25 0006 7010 0000 0084 3283 44



Ahsen Kucukcalik


Caferağa Mahallesi, Küçük Moda Burnu Sokak No:4, 34710 Kadıköy/Istanbul

21 JANUARY 2023

11:00 - 13:00

Oma Ortiz
Omar Ortiz Istanbul Workshop


The three-day workshop "Hyperrealism in oil painting" with Mexican artist Omar Ortiz who is know with his hyper realistic minimalist figurative paintings, will take place between May 05-07, 2023 _ ISTANBUL TURKEY . Do not miss this opportunity and make your registration before the limited spots are full. 

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Day 1

After the materials to be used are introduced, the first layer of the canvas will be painted with acrylic paint. After you learn how Omar prepares the ideal skin tones and which mixtures he uses,  you will prepare your own skin tones in the afternoon and start painting  the first layer of your canvas with acrylic, and put your first brush strokes of skin tones.


Day 2

You will start your day by painting. Omar will continue to paint the same painting as you do on his own canvas, and by watching him and listening to his explanations, you will see how the artist works, his technique and how the painting is shaped. Your goal will be to focus on the step-by-step process of your work, as Omar will advise and guide you step this step


Day 3

You will continue to paint, and Omar will highlight key points to help you improve your process, solve any potential problems you may encounter, and create examples that will help you complete your work outside of the workshop. There will be several individual opportunities to help guide your painting. Many group discussions throughout the day, general talks to answer any questions, giving new tips and suggestions to students and suggesting other artists you like to follow, many tips about studio lighting, finding a personal theme . 



At the end of the workshop attendees get a Certificate signed by Omar Ortiz.


Maximum 24 people 


710 EURO/person


200 Euro advance payment with Registration (10 Euro credit card payment commission fee will be added during payment. For bank transfer option please contact with us > )

510 Euro latest by  03rd March 2023 

Services including in the fee :

3 days workshop, all day long coffee break, lunch

Services excluding the fee :

All painting materials (the participants are responsible to bring their own materials) , for the participants who would like to stay at hotel, the room rates .

* for the participants who would like to stay at the hotel may contact us for the room reservations


Omar Ortiz will basically speak in English if needed in Spanish. If necessary, the organizer will assist with translation and communication into Turkish.


Attendees are responsible to bring their own painting materials. The list of the necessary materials will be send to the attendees a few weeks before the workshop date . As the same the photo of the subject which is going to be paint will be e-mailed to the attendees so that they will draw and make ready their canvas for painting so not to loose time by drawing in the workshop


THE MARMARA PERA HOTEL- Mesrutiyet Cad. Tepebasi, Istanbul, 34430, Turkey


Click the "REGISTRATION" button.

Fill in the contact form with your intention message and send.

You will receive an e-mail about the payment procedure.

After making the payment your registration will be finalized.





1. The organizer can unilaterally cancel the workshop if there are not enough participants. In such a case, the payments will be refunded to the participants who have been registered and made paid until that date.

2. Even if the number of participants is sufficient, the organizer can unilaterally cancel the workshop when force majeure occurs (natural disaster, pandemic bans, terrorist attacks, the artist is too ill to hold the workshop, etc.). In such a case, the payments will be refunded to the participants who have been registered and made payment until that date.

3. If the participant wishes to cancel his/her registration the fee which has been paid will be refunded after deducting the bank transfer fee, if only provided that there is another participant to replace him/her. Otherwise, there is no refund. The fee paid is recourse to the organizer accounts.



Tepebasi / ISTANBUL

Beginning :

May 5, 2023  @ 10:00 am 


May 7, 2023  @ 6:00 pm 


Ahsen Kucukcalik

Hakan Denizer


Geçmiş Etkinlikler

Previous Workshops


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Watercolor Portrait Workshop - 22nd October 2022 - DECOLLAGE ART STUDIO - Suadiye - ISTANBUL

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Basic Level Creative Watercolor Workshop-19 January 2022-Justwork Ofis Campus - IST.


Omar ORTIZ Workshop - 10-12 October 2018 - The Marmara Pera Hotel - ISTANBUL

Painter Omar Ortiz, who has more than 500,000 followers on Instagram, was born in 1977 in Mexico. His style can be called minimalist-hyperrealism. His works have been exhibited in prestigious art galleries in many countries such as London, the Netherlands, Greece and Taiwan. In his paintings, in which the human figure stands out, the use of fabric and the background have a very important place.


In the workshop, the artist first taught how to make 10 basic 'skin colors' that he uses in his paintings. After learning how to obtain these colors, participants from different countries, meeting with the common language of art, watched and tried Ortiz's realistic painting technique in the comfortable environment of The Marmara Pera Hotel, accompanied by delicious treats. They returned to their countries and cities with valuable information, new friendships and unforgettable memories.

Visual Artist / Creative Entrepreneur