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Career Consultancy For Artists

"Left Brain Skills For Right Brain People"

Learn To Be An Entrepreneur

As a graduate of Boğaziçi University, Department of Business Administration, I have seen how important professional business knowledge is for artists, thanks to my 29-year professional business career and subsequent art career. Now I aim to guide artists on BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR.

As an artist, I invite you to view yourself as the CEO and President of your own art company while creating your artworks. I encourage you to discover how you can take your art career to the next level by blending my scientific and technical competence and intuitive leadership skills, planning business strategies, and providing emotional support.

Do you need help with the professional side of being an artist?

In order for you to understand why you should seek artist consultancy, I would like to highlight a few important issues for you to think about, based on experiences from my professional career and art practice: ​


  • Can you define clearly which stage  of your career you are currently in?

  • What success does look and feel for you?

  • Can you speak effectively about your art in front of professionals and audiences ?

  • Do you have self confidence to create attractive text content to introduce your art to others?

  • How efficiently you can use technology as part of your job?

  • How do you feel about getting help from other people?

  • Do you have an action plan? How is your ability to focus on this plan and implement it?

  • Do you have the ability to be persistent, flexible and creative in directing your career?

  • Do you want to sell your artworks?

  • What obstacles do you encounter in your private life ?

  • How do you motivate yourself as a creative person?

  • How do you find your community?

  • How do you balance the needs of work and family?

As an artist, I experience similar challenges and opportunities. I offer to contribute to your success with my work experience and intuitive skills working with emerging or mid-career artists who are eager to take their art practice to the next level.

How Does Artist Consultancy Work ?



We hold an initial 15-minute introductory meeting via Zoom or phone, free of charge. This first online meeting is free of charge and does not impose any commitment on the parties.During this process, I ask questions and learn more about you and your needs. You also have the opportunity to get to know me better. If we decide to move forward, we negotiate a plan specific to your needs. The costs of coaching services are clearly stated at this stage. ​ If we agree, we will have regular online or face-to-face meetings. Between sessions, we create an action plan where we work to help you achieve your goals, I assign homework. As both your mentor and implementing technical support partner, this process is a partnership. 



Each person's needs are unique. Together we will decide on the program to fit your specific goals.  Maybe we can agree for just a few sessions or practices, or for regular meetings and follow-ups for 3 to 6 months depends on you and your needs. Or you can ask assistance when ever you need help.



This coaching and consulting program gives you a structured process that is easy to follow. You will be able to define your goals and plan how to achieve them. Each time we meet, you focus on your goals, identify any obstacles that may get in your way, and plan the “next steps” actions you will take between sessions. Most importantly, you will have a business partner to help you!



Most career counselors offer general advice that is difficult for creative people to implement. They do not understand the sensitive and emotional nature of the artist. In addition to scientific and technical information and strategies, I understand the sensitivity of the artist and include creative advice and guidance from an artistic perspective. This program is "artist friendly"

“Ahsen is not only an inspiring artist, but also a professional who is technologically savvy and has high levels of social media skills, who can master the discipline and business practices of the corporate world. When I received art consultancy services, her ability to understand my needs was extraordinary. Thanks to the guidance I received from her. We have made my identity as an artist highly visible by taking rapid and effective steps in many areas such as logo design, printed and visual media tools, website installation, virtual store creation, digital payment systems, defining my art and art career, and guidance in stepping abroad. I am highly grateful for the service I received.”

Yelim Özdinç  I Wood Carving Artist

Make An Appointment
This first online meeting is free of charge and does not impose any commitment on the parties.

Visual Artist / Creative Entrepreneur
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