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  "I usually start painting with an idea in my head. But as the painting proceeds, it takes the development as if the painting has its own free will, and along the way  whispers its own desires to my ears or acts directly as it wishes. The outcome at the end will be something completely different from the initial though but it is more beautiful than I imagined . It tells me a story and the main feeling of this story passes to the  viewers and heals something inside them." read the whole story

                                              Ahsen Küçükçalık


After graduating from Bosphorus University, Business Administration branch she worked profesionaly in wellknown companies in their sectors as Commercial Union Insurance, Koleksiyon Furniture, Bilkont Trading. She quited her Sales &  Marketing Manager position  at Şahinler Group, European Free Zone Co. at 2019 to spare her time to painting studies.  Although she has no academic training on art but she completed seven-stage realistic oil painting education of painter Neslihan Can workshop between years 2015 and 2016.  In 2017 she attended a short term workshop of  Mexican painter Omar Ortiz  in Paris/ France. To share her good experience at Paris with Turkish artists she organized Omar Ortiz Workshop in Istanbul in year 2019. She also took basic and advanced photography trainings and began to shoot her own subjects which she is going to paint. This leads her to be interested in NFT & digital art studies. Her NFT artworks are on sale on OpenSea, variable and Foundation market places. 

One of her short stories published in the book "Tomorrow was Valentine's Day" which has been released from Kırıntı publishing house in 2019..


1st BIRESKU Painting Competition 2016 "Special Jury Award"


"Splended" Group Exhibition / Hüsrev Kethüda Bath / Ortaköy - Istanbul - Türkiye / 2022

BAF Bodrum Art Fair / Herodotus Cultural Center / Bodrum - Muğla _ Turkey / 2022

World Art Dubai / Dubai World Trade Center / Dubai - UAE / 2022

IAAF Istanbul Art and Antique Fair / Lütfi Kırdar Exhibition Center / Harbiye - Istanbul / 2021

"BIRESKU" Group Exhibition / Zafer Gallery - Ankara / 2019

"The Alchemist" 1st Solo Exhibition / Maji Luxury Art Gallery & Event / Nişantaşı - Istanbul / 2019

"The Rise of Light" Group Exhibition / La Visione Gallery- Teşvikiye Istanbul / 2018

"Stone Record" Group Exhibition / NisArt Gallery - Teşvikiye Istanbul / 2018

"New Year" Group Exhibition / NisArt Gallery - Teşvikiye Istanbul / 2018


PRISON BREAK – A Real Life Story of an Artist


I remember that breathtaking moment as it happened yesterday, when I first stepped into Vatican Chapelle Sixtine and saw the Botticelli, Perugino, Signorelli, Rosselli, Michelangelo frescoes on the walls. It was a magical moment as if I entered somewhere from out of this World . I remember myself   standing in bewilderment, looking at the paintings and the statues without a blink of eye for almost a couple of hours with an admiration, exitement and   deep down a bit of jealousy as a young woman who wanted to study art as being a child always fond of making paintings and drawings but due to universe’s joke  graduated from “Business Administration” and started to work in an insurance company.


Many years while working in different sectors as professional management levels   with enthusiasm and pleasure, deep down I always remembered that moment’s exitement and heard the thin calling to make art but I couldn’t started except a couple of week trials. Because I continuesly was saying to myself “ who I am to paint as good as those painters and besides I don’t have an art study”.  I call all those years as my “prisonment” years passed in depression, lack of self confidence, expression  and creativity.


After so many years I listened the calling of my heart and started  painting systematicaly and attended to an oil painting workshop of a very skilled painter every Saturday. First two years I just copied, meanwhile read a lot of books and attended courses related with self development, chinese astrology, feng-shui,  photography, photoshop, dance, aikido. Later I realized such different interests that seemed to have nothing to do with each other represents precisely the versatility of a renaissance artist. One day in front of my new painting which  I was struggiling for a couple of days but going no where  asked with all of my heart, my own voice, my own expression. And asked the help of Leonarda Da Vinci. Yes you heard right. I asked the help of Leonardo Da Vinci.  After a couple of hours passed when I looked at what I painted as if a magical stick touched to my hand  it almost seem to be done by a different person. Tears burst from my eyes and thanked to god for letting me find my muse and let me feel his love and compassion and my real expression, my very personal inner voice.

My creation process is now a kind of channelling. I usually start painting with an idea in my mind. But as the painting proceeds, it takes the development as if the painting has its own free will, and along the way  whispers its own desires to my ears or acts directly as it wishes. And I obey this. The outcome at the end is something completely different from the initial though I had in mind. But it is more beautiful than I imagined and it tells me a story. This process transforms, changes and heals something inside me. The main feeling of this story passes to the other viewers and heals something inside them.

I want to spread this love and compassion and beauty and the healing to the World with my paintings.

Let the love and compassion rule the world !



​ ​

In a world filled with complexities and contrasting views, my art stands as a beacon of light, celebrating the inherent beauty that surrounds us. As an artist, I find inspiration not in the darkness that lurks within our society, but in the boundless beauty that nature and humanity have gifted us.


Embracing my innate optimism, I believe that everything serves a greater purpose, even the challenges we encounter. Rather than dwelling on the ugliness or giving voice to negativity, I choose to channel my creativity towards the creation of beauty that radiates positivity and hope.


In the vast canvas of life, I draw upon the harmonious symphony of emotions, thoughts, and words that shape our reality. By focusing on what is good and beautiful, my art transcends mere aesthetics, becoming an expression of joy and love from the depths of my intuition.


In this journey, I reject the idea that art must conform to a social or activist stance. Instead, I strive to capture the essence of nature's wonders and the goodness in human hearts.


Beyond the confines of polarities, I seek to unite hearts through my art, dissolving fear with the light of love. In doing so, I challenge the notion of good and evil being opposing forces, believing that our capacity to love dispels fear, leaving no room for negativity.


With each stroke of the brush and every hue of paint, I am driven by an intuitive force, a guiding hand from the divine source of love itself. My art emerges as a profound connection to the heart of existence, capturing the essence of love and reflecting it onto the canvas with the intention of transforming negativity into love and beauty. 


Through my art, I invite you to join me in a journey of boundless beauty, where optimism and love prevail. Let us celebrate the creative power of ourselves and the miracles that we can create around us, embracing the lightness of being and allowing our souls to soar in harmony with the universe. 



Ahsen Kucukcalik



Visual Artist / Creative Entrepreneur
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