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"The artist's works are intuitive insights expressed in a surrealistic interpretation."



After graduating from Bogazici University, Business Administration degree, she worked professionally at various management levels in companies such as Commercial Union Insurance, Koleksiyon Furniture, Bilkont Foreign Trade... She left the position of Sales and Marketing Manager in Şahinler Group's company European Free Zone Co. at the end of 2018   in order to devote her time to painting studies. Although she does not have an academic education in art she finished painter Neslihan Can's seven stage realistic oil painting workshop between 2015 - 2016. In 2017 she attended Mexican realistic painter Omar Ortiz's short-term workshop in Paris/France. In order to share her experiences there with art lovers in Turkey, she organized his workshop in Istanbul in 2018. She took basic and advanced photography training and started photographing the subjects she will paint. This leads her to interest in digital paintings. Her NFT artworks are on display at OpenSea, Rariable and Foundation apps. One of her stories was published in the story book "Tomorrow was Valentine's Day" published by Kırıntı Publishing House in 2019.


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"I usually start painting with an idea in my head. But as the painting proceeds, it takes the development as if the painting has its own free will, and along the way  whispers its own desires to my ears or acts directly as it wishes. The outcome at the end will be something completely different from the initial though but it is more beautiful than I imagined . It tells me a story and the main feeling of this story passes to the other viewers and heals something inside them...”

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Ahsen Kucukcalik 


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I do not hold the belief that art must necessarily convey a social message or display an activist attitude. I don't want to understand how art glorifies the ugliness and legitimizes it with the expression "the aesthetics of the ugly". As an incurable optimist, I know that everything serves the good. Even though this optimism was a protection mechanism developed in order not to hear the pessimist side of myself deep inside, now I see it as a necessity to transform the pessimist to create the beautiful...                    Read full article 

Ahsen Küçükçalık 

We invite artists and art lovers from all skill levels  to our  short-term workshops to add value to their  inner riches and talents.  

We bring together art lovers with the international artists and the artist herself in the common language of art.

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Visual Artist / Creative Entrepreneur
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