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"The artist's works are intuitive insights expressed in a surrealistic interpretation."



After graduating from Bogazici University, Business Administration degree, she worked professionally at various management levels in companies such as Commercial Union Insurance, Koleksiyon Furniture, Bilkont Foreign Trade... She left the position of Sales and Marketing Manager in Şahinler Group's company European Free Zone Co. at the end of 2018   in order to devote her time to painting studies. Although she does not have an academic education in art she finished painter Neslihan Can's seven stage realistic oil painting workshop between 2015 - 2016. In 2017 she attended Mexican realistic painter Omar Ortiz's short-term workshop in Paris/France. In order to share her experiences there with art lovers in Turkey, she organized his workshop in Istanbul in 2018. She took basic and advanced photography training and started photographing the subjects she will paint. This leads her to interest in digital paintings. Her NFT artworks are on display at OpenSea, Rariable and Foundation apps. One of her stories was published in the story book "Tomorrow was Valentine's Day" published by Kırıntı Publishing House in 2019.


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In a world filled with complexities and contrasting views, my art stands as a beacon of light, celebrating the inherent beauty that surrounds us. As an artist, I find inspiration not in the darkness that lurks within our society, but in the boundless beauty that nature and humanity have gifted us... read the full article

Ahsen Kucukcalik 


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The Painter from Atlantis

With her paintings and the messages she gives, she reminds art lovers of love, unity, the importance of inner peace, being one with the Creator, and believing in our power. And of course, the message is for all humanity. And she literally represents the spirit of a time traveler or another advanced civilization in her compositions in her paintings. In addition to her successful business life, Ahsen Küçükçalık, who has given priority to her art by quitting her job, reveals the richness of the dream world with her surreal paintings. We hope that she will share the magic of her brush and pen with us for many years.

Yeşim Anarat

Architect, Journalist Writer

We would like to proudly share that the last few years have been a real artistic journey. In 2018 and 2023, we hosted the world-renowned Mexican hyperrealist painter Omar Ortiz in Istanbul. These workshops brought together art lovers from different countries, creating an intercultural art interaction. During the watercolor painting workshops led by Ahsen Küçükçalık, we were immersed in the fascinating world of art and caught up in the fluidity of watercolor and inspiration. With these unforgettable experiences, we had the opportunity to experience the universal language of art even more closely. We will be happy to see you in future workshops!

Visual Artist / Creative Entrepreneur
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