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This work, made with oil and acrylic on canvas with dimensions of 120cm*120cm, is a continuation of the "Alchemist" series. It has a strong intuitive content and is full of meaning and energy, and on the other hand, it has the feature of being a wonderful decorative object with its colors and aesthetics. May it bring beautiful transformations to wherever it is. 


  • "Each of us is unique, whatever we experience, with whom and with whatever circumstances we think force us, we should know that they are all stepping stones to direct you to your own power, self-love, and taking responsibility for your own life (emotions). The First Alchemist and your own worthlessness and self-confidence." "We have transformed our feelings of lack into the awareness of being valuable. With this alchemist, we will continue to sow the awareness of being valuable to the world with compassion, creation, abundance and intuitiveness through our actions and deeds, with the awareness that we are already valuable  ."

    Ahsen Küçükçalık

Visual Artist / Creative Entrepreneur
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