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Meet this  oil painting "Sacred Masculine" exuding elegance and sophistication, painted on canvas with dimensions of 130cm*130cm. Perfect for interiors, this work of art is a must-have for those who want to increase the aesthetics and energy of spaces. This masterpiece with a divine message will add spirituality to any room. Each brushstroke has been carefully crafted to create a timeless masterpiece that is both inspiring and beautiful. Order today and experience the divine high energy it brings to your space. 

DIVINE - Oil Painting

  • "These eyes, bearing the tired traces of the past, tell a deep story. The weakness and regret that comes with power, the search for aesthetics despite everything. The tired state of a soul that wants to find peace and wants to return to love. The return and transformation of the proud masculine, who finally managed to stand up and with his justified pride, donned his cloak and made the epaulette of the feminine that he had oppressed throughout all time. This is the Story of the Divine Masculine."

    Ahsen Küçükçalık

Visual Artist / Creative Entrepreneur
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