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Common Mistakes Of Beginner Watercolor Artists

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

  • Being afraid to make mistakes so not even trying

You can’t believe that how many talented potential artists do not take action because of the fear of making mistakes, so they are not even trying. Be sure that If you have a desire for something it indicates that you have the potential and skills to achieve it . What you need is a a little bit of courage and steady work . Good works comes from study, discipline and action. Better things come with a little more patience.

  • Overworking on a painting

Overworking in watercolor won’t create a perfect outcome on the contrary it can ruin your work. I love to overwork some of the parts of the painting especially the parts which I want to attrack the first attention especially the eyes and the other parts can remain as if it is not finished. This creates an illusion at the painting and the viewer’s imagination kicks in, who has a contribution on something will create more bond to that subject

  • Trying to over control their watercolors

Water is a very magical element. It has both power and delicacy at the same time. Trying to over control watercolor spoil its free nature. Water is not like oil painting. Use a secret life hack : not everything should be corrected. Learn to see and appreciate the happy accidents . These accidents later on will be your unique signature and style .

  • Lack of inspiration

Overthinking blocks the imagination. Start from somewhere . Here is a clue for you ; Go out occasionally. Walk around randomly, alone . These walks will break your routine and help you realize new possibilities.

  • Not knowing how to choose and where to start with a reference photo

First of all use reference photos . It is not necessary to paint from memory. During your walks you can shoot them even with your phone. All master painters have painted their subjects by looking at them, unless you are doing abstract painting.

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Stay with art, love and joy.

Ahsen Küçükçalık

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