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NO. It Is Not Enough To Make Artworks For Success

Does an artist is someone who creates artworks ?

Does an artist is someone who create PERFECT artworks ?

Just creating perfect artworks is not enough to climb the ladder of success. If your preference is just to deal with it as a hobby, then you don't need to read the rest of this article. But if you want to get somewhere and find value with your creations, go ahead.

Yes, production (CREATION) is the most important issue. If you do not put the creative idea in your mind on to a canvas or something, what do you have to offer to the world? In this sense, your art is your product, and although production is a must but not sufficient on its own.

You are a small business owner. Accept it . For this reason, you will have to deal with very different and detailed issues as accounting, sales and marketing, branding, public relations and diversifying your products.

As a summary, the essentials of an artist can be listed as follows;

* Produce what you have in mind, be disciplined about it, constantly improve yourself to create the best version of yourself.

* Have an entrepreneurial spirit. An entrepreneur is a person who can show the motivation and patience to continue on his own without taking his eyes off the target, with no returns and gains for long periods of time. . Become an Unicorn.

* Get out. Make and implement a plan for yourself actively in sales and marketing. This includes branding and public relations.

* Build a solid self-confidence. Take a stand that is unaffected by distractions (such as negative criticism) that may come your way. Did you fail on your first try? Get up and try again. The road to success is through these failures (if you've learned your lessons)

* Ask help for what you can't do, get support from other professionals.

In my next article, I will enter into marketing issues in more detais.

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Ahsen Kucukcalik

Visual Artist - Creative Entrepreneur


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Visual Artist / Creative Entrepreneur
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