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One day you will also meet with “Dreamer”

Some met Dreamer by an accident, an illness, a loss, a bankruptcy that changed their lives and some with Corona.

The dreamer is a fictional character mentioned in the book of “School of the Gods” written by author S. D'Anna. An inner voice or spiritual help or a real man. And all are correct. Because when you wake up to your own truth, you realize that everything is from you to you. Life is a story of awakening. This awakening is shocking at first. It's hard to accept. Because you no longer have a mother, a father, a society or a lover to blame. Just you. As a princess or prince who still live in your own fairy tale world, you are also content with your current irresponsible and spoiled self, even though you have a desire to wear the crown. Along with position, power and advantages, crown also brings responsibility, self-worth and self-discipline. Are you ready to handle these? Or do you find it easier to go wherever the wind blows, whoever gives you a role?

Life exists to teach self recognition and self-confidence. This is your life purpose. Every encounter, every experience is for this purpose. It's about either accepting a part of yourself that you don't know, dislike, or judge, or finding other parts of yourself that you love but can't reveal. Whoever you judge, you are judging yourself. Whoever you love, you are loving yourself.

Are you ready to burn in your own feelings? To face all the pain that you buried in your subconscious, that keeps you from moving forward? These confrontations take courage. It needs a lot of tears. The reason why the Phoenix was reborn from the ashes is not because she was physically burned, but because she faced the whole truth and transformed her emotions. Pain that doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

You are a gift to this world with all your faults, virtues, flaws and quirks. The world exists because you exist. Only when you be yourself, you can share this gift of yours with the world. Otherwise, it is nothing more than a mask, a role, a task trap, an illusion that gradually rots you, molds you, and leads you to death.

All organizations, workplaces are there to teach their own self-worth. But people with high self-worth will no longer need such organizations. In a world where cooperation and self-responsibility exist, there is no need for imposition rules, restrictions, dictators or their subjects.

“Corona” is a word of Latin, meaning halo of light, the top of the head.

In English, “Coronation” is derived from the word corona and means a ceremony of wearing crown. The name corona is given to the virus because its shape resembles a crown. But nothing in life is accidental. The language of the universe is symbolic. If you know how to read, you can connect all the dots and see the big picture.

Corona and this pandemic is a stop sign in fast and busy life of us. Stop and listen. Listen to yourself. What are you doing ? Where are you going ? Is this the life you really want to go and create? Pandemic led to confrontations with the past, with yourself, with your relationships. Maybe you left a job, a relationship, an item, a feeling, a habit that doesn't work anymore, so that you can heal your whole past and have nothing to carry from the past to the future. Whether voluntarily or involuntarily.

You have changed, you are no longer the one who you were a year or two years ago. Your feelings, outlook on life, habits, self-expression have changed. Even your physical appearance has changed.

The old spoiled, grouchy child is gone, replaced by an adult who takes responsibility for her/himself, knows her/his own self-worth. In fact, everything was for this maturation process. And you finally got your crown with a coronation ceremony on the longest day of the year, on the solstice on June 21, 2021. Corona rewarded us with his crown.

You are just starting your new life.

Gather all the pieces you apart from yourself and become whole.

Leave all the material and spiritual burdens you carry from the past.

It's time to take the responsibility of this crown and move forward with joy. If you choose …

“Every day I live from now on, I choose to be myself, to reveal myself with love, to have compassion for everything created. I choose to create joy and abundance in every moment. My time to learn from pain is over. My time to joyfully learn and move forward has begun. And so it did. “

Ahsen Küçükçalık


Painting : By Ahsen Küçükçalık

Photo from Pixabay

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